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Passion: Part 1

Aleyciuss Al-Ali:  "Mommy I Want To Save The World" Ask anyone who knew me when I was a kid (even now), my family always had a pet, usually a member of the canine species. One summer day while doing my normal activities such as playing with my dolls or hanging around on the front porch with some of the neighborhood kids, I heard a commotion coming from the rear of the house. I ran around the driveway of our modest 1 level home to see what was going on and low and behold, all of the members of our household where crowded around the small dog house in the backyard. Our dog had just recently given birth to a litter of puppies, of which I did participate in taking care of to some degree, but in all honesty, I really didn't pay an extravagant amount of attention to, being that they were so young and under the constant care of their mother. "She chewed off the mouths of her own babies", I heard my sister say, as I peered around the legs of my mother and others standi…

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