Saturday, January 17, 2015

Passion: Part 1

Aleyciuss Al-Ali:  "Mommy I Want To Save The World"

Ask anyone who knew me when I was a kid (even now), my family always had a pet, usually a member of the canine species. One summer day while doing my normal activities such as playing with my dolls or hanging around on the front porch with some of the neighborhood kids, I heard a commotion coming from the rear of the house. I ran around the driveway of our modest 1 level home to see what was going on and low and behold, all of the members of our household where crowded around the small dog house in the backyard. Our dog had just recently given birth to a litter of puppies, of which I did participate in taking care of to some degree, but in all honesty, I really didn't pay an extravagant amount of attention to, being that they were so young and under the constant care of their mother.
"She chewed off the mouths of her own babies", I heard my sister say, as I peered around the legs of my mother and others standing there talking. They had separated our dog from her pups, as she had already killed a couple of her babies before anyone had gotten there. "When I caught her doing it, the other puppies were huddled in a corner crying out", someone else said.
Strange I thought, up until that point I had always believed that mothers were supposed to protect their young from danger, not be the danger? My young and inexperienced mind could not understand the biology behind the situation, that maybe the puppies were sick beyond repair and the mother could sense it? Or maybe her instincts told her that there weren't enough resources to feed all of them sufficiently, so she chose the strongest to care for? Whatever her reasons, what I did realize in that moment changed the course of my life forever. I now believed that no matter what, even when you have parents and those who love you, "Everyone Needs To Be Protected". So, from that point on, I made it a goal to protect every puppy (our dogs were quite promiscuous, lol) we had. I would feed and water the mother, play with her a bit, and take the puppies for the day. Neighbors who took notice, would give me money, medical know how, and supplies such as bottles, blankets, and formula, to care for my new companions. I learned the best that I could about how to treat their conditions such as worms, fleas, ticks, the list goes on. I spent whatever resources I had to make sure that we lost no more from that first litter. It was hard sometimes, despite my best efforts, because there are some things that haven't changed yet, like serious illness and death.
Looking back on these experiences and others that I have had since then, I have learned something important about myself. I learned that I can make a difference and that I want to care. I could walk around in my own bubble, living my own life, until the day it ended, but that is not what I will do. I will not turn a blind eye, I will not give up, I will not act like the problems that I see around me will just go away on their own or that someone else will solve them. I, as in me, am fully capable of doing my part when I see even basic needs not being met. Don't get me wrong, I am not perfect, I am fallible, I am just a human being at the end of the day. But I have a choice to make in this life, the same as you do, as to who I will prove to be in the face of injustice, poverty, lawlessness, wreck less behaviors, and most importantly, Life.
In many ways, I am still that little girl, just watching from behind the skirts of her mother, viewing the world in a curious way, trying to come up with my best understanding of the way things work. From this negative experience, this single instance, my life has forever changed in the way that I interact with others, the way that I see the world and most importantly how I interact in it. There are some things that just do not work in my opinion, like savagery, preying upon the weaker because you can, it is easy to do so, or your believe that the life you are affecting is of lesser intelligence and thus of lesser importance.
I have thought it over, considered all things, all factors and I keep coming up with the same conclusion: "Mommy, I Will Do My Part To Save the World".

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Change is hard.  Change is this foreign object that invades your body, causing it to react in ways that are not always comfortable.  Change is realizing that it's not as important as you thought to be perfect or to give those around you everything that they desire.  Change is coming to grips with the fact that we have minimal control over everything thing in our life, no matter how good our intentions are. Change is knowing that everything will be okay at the end of the day.  Change is about becoming the individual that you, yourself, are most comfortable with.  Change is about being at home with who you are.  In 2014 and beyond, I just want to continue to strive to be comfortable in my own skin.  I just want be my best self, even if others never see anything in me.  Just for me.  I Am Change.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Next Poster Child

The world is always crowning someone to be its' next "Poster Child" for success.  It's what fuels the "American Dream".  It is what motivates you to keep working yourselves to the bone each week, looking forward to the day when times are better.  The reality?  There is no better time than the present.  Tomorrow is not promised, so why are you waiting on it to bring better days?  Seize the day.  Enjoy the moment.  All of these cliche statements have their meaning, their points.  Maybe it's time that you listen? The "Hunger Games" are real.  At least the ideology behind them are.  A person steps forward to protect those that they love, do some things that they are not so proud of, make a sacrifice , end up in a situation that is not 100% to their liking and as a result protect those that they love from certain death.   Ask yourself this one question.  If there was no one else around to judge, to determine who you were with the exception of yourself, who would you choose to be.  In laymen's terms:  What do YOU want to do, regardless of what anyone else thinks (In the MOST positive way of course)?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Words Of Wisdom: Steve Jobs

     In doing some soul searching of my own, I ran across an article from Forbes magazine written in 2011 about Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo.  The article is called "The 7 Success Principles of Steve Jobs".  The points were based on information that Gallo had collected about Steve Jobs over 30 years that are included in his book: "The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs".  They include points that he felt like were some of the keys to Jobs success over the years.  The 7 points were surprisingly refreshing, although not necessarily new principles, they are the type of wisdom that is key to not only being a great leader, but also tapping into the higher side of your creativity.   Steve Jobs was not only known for his strong creative mind, but for also being able to see the vision of others and help lead them toward making their own business aspirations come true, whether he was personally funding the early development of Pixar or steering at the helm of Apple's success.       

     One of the points that stood out for me personally was principle 3:

"Principle Three: Kick start your brain. Steve Jobs once said “Creativity is connecting things.”  Connecting things means seeking inspiration from other industries.  At various times, Jobs has found inspiration in a phone book, Zen meditation, visiting India, a food processor at Macy’s, or The Four Seasons hotel chain.  Jobs doesn’t “steal” ideas as much as he uses ideas from other industries to inspire his own creativity". ~ Carmine Gallo, contributor

     I have to respect a person who is capable of being "Inspired" by the things around him, while at the same time maintaining his "OWN" vision and sense of purpose.  Thank you for your positive contributions Steve, R.I.P. 

For more principles listed in this article click on the links above or here @

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Breeziway by Sandra ~ "Exquisite Accessories and Designs"

This particular designer is one that we at Creative Directive have worked very closely with over the last 8 months on re-branding her image and creating a campaign that truly expresses and embodies who a "Breeziway Woman" really is.  I have actually known Sandra for awhile and her designs really are quite extraordinary and we both felt that it was time to do something different and really showcase her designs in the best possible light. In addition to being a designer, Sandra is also an accomplished academic and a highly educated woman, and she brings that intelligence to her designs as well by really taking the time to learn about and find the best materials possible, ensuring the delicate design and high quality of her pieces.

Creating the "Black White Campaign" was a labor of love and our collaboration with her, but we had an awesome and very talented team of professionals that helped bring everything to life whom you can learn more about under "Creative Team" via the website.  I am personally so proud of the final product and very happy to share this with the world.  We here at Creative Directive hope that you enjoy it too!

Introducing the new:

Update: "International Woolmark Prize"

A few weeks ago, we featured a designer who was up for a very prestigious fashion design award, the "International Woolmark Prize" at London Fashion week in February.  We figured that you would like an update on who actually won the award, I know that I personally wanted to know, so here it is!  Congratulations to Christian Wijnants,
a Belgium based designer who also, get this, won the Grand Prix in France!  That is sick! You can find out more information about the event, including behind-the-scenes footage and contestant information at: